Great Expectations

I am so excited to see that Great Expectations is coming out at the cinema soon . To top it all off , Helena Bonham Carter is going to play Miss Havisham , that character has to be the perfect role for her to play . I think she is such a great actress and would be amazing to photograph. Great Expectations is a favourite story of mine , I loved the TV drama produced for last christmas, the locations for the drama were amazing. The cold and beautiful story which is based in London and the marshes of Kent is all about a boy called Pip , but it is Miss Havisham that really interests me . The deranged character is withdrew from the world , hiding out in her almost derelict mansion. Jilted on her wedding day , she still stalks the grounds of her home in her wedding dress . Here is a photograph I made inspired by Great Expectations , I would like to complete this series of photographs soon , when I have the time! 


  1. Your photography is all so beautiful! Would love to know what camera and lenses you use!

    I’m also really looking forward to this film (:

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