Going to the Ballet.

I am a little excited today as I get to go to the Ballet with my mum. I have managed to drag her along ( think she likes it really ) . My interest in Ballet started from a young age , I had one of those jewelry boxes that has a little ballerina twirling around inside once you opened the lid, so from then on I wanted to be a Ballerina or at least look like one!. Today a lot of my photography is inspired by Ballet , the costumes they wear, the lighting , the staging and the music. One of my favourite fashion photographers Tim Walker seems to have a feel to his work that reminds me of the Ballet , an atmosphere you get from watching Ballet is the same you get when looking at Tim Walkers work ….. I think its Magic that connects them 🙂 tutu studio image by me , taken in the studio , using film … um most likely on a nikon but cant remember.



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