Urban Exploring in local haunts !

My cousin , her boyfriend and myself decided to visit a local derelict school in late summer. The building was falling apart and levels two and three of the building were not going to happen. The whole place gave me the creeps to be honest , I was half expecting to see a ghost, monster or zombie appear at some stage. And then half way through our visit I heard a strange noise down stairs, from the basement ! . I was not wanting to explore this place as much as other places I have been too, maybe this is to do with the famous visit to a local derelict orphanage, which resulted in us clearing the building in 30 secs !The outside area , gym and swimming pool were interesting though, you can see this place must have been impressive when it was in its pride. Now days the whole building looks like it could crumble very soon. IMG_4475 copy    IMG_4465    IMG_4454IMG_4466

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