So summer is finally here !

So the hot weather HAS finally decided to show up in England , about time too. Because we never know how long the hot weather will actually last ( over a week and its pushing it )I decided to find a poppy field and take some hopefully amazing photographs. It appeared the rest of Brighton had decided ” a poppy field photo-shot” was just their thing too ! Somehow I managed to take lots of photographs of the colourful poppies , without a person caught in the frame! not sure how that happened but I am not complaining 🙂 Just a thought but a couple of things to remember when photographing poppies :-

1- dont pick them … they last about 10 mins in the sun without water 😦 …. poor poppies.

2- They love turned up soil, i.e building sites and motorway sides are perfect places for poppies.

3- If there are lots of other people there taking photographs of the poppy fields , maybe go for a single poppy stem and blur the background.

4- Look out for different coloured poppies , white and pink poppies make interesting subject matters. IMG_dreamy poppies  IMG_poppy negative



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