Road trip to nowhere !

I kinda decided I wanted to do some more photography in my spare time…. so given the hot weather I decided on a random unprompted road trip. The destination was to be Dungeness , to get an idea of the feeling of this place, one of my friends describes it as a backdrop to the horror film The Hills Have Eyes!!! Well it is a bit desert like and eerie , but thats what I like about it , nowhere else in the UK is like Dungeness. While I trotted about the scorching hot , dusty ” horror ” landscape, I could not help but get obsessed with the beautiful poppies and wild flowers that grow in these barren conditions. If you have not been to Dungeness, live in the south of England, enjoy photography, then you should go and have a look at this weird place. I like the abandoned fishing huts and boats that litter the shore, I also like looking for strange objects and signs …. See if you can notice the rude graffiti in one of the images ! 🙂IMG_poppy sunrise IMG_blurred lines IMG_show me your willy IMG_road to dungeness IMG_pretty phone box IMG_poppy at dungeness IMG_hunt at dungeness IMG_fresh shrimp IMG_sweet pea IMG_birds on the wire IMG_rainbow poppy 1



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