September sunset ?

The beautiful colourful sunset images I had in my mind were not going to happen ….. a sea mist had just rolled in . Instantly everything was consumed by a thick blanket of grey watery fog. I could not even see to the bottom of the garden, let alone take a stunning landscape photograph.  Then I though ” maybe I just go with the flow” so I grabbed my camera and set off for the beach. Once at the beach I could not even see the waters edge, yet there was a still, minimalistic quality that seemed interesting. I ended up staying on the beach for well over an hour and made good progress , capturing many unusual images with a wintery chilly feel. Once I got home the sun emerged from the mist and as soon as it had appeared the sea mist disappeared. In the end I did get my colourful sunset images and a whole set of interesting unexpected misty seascapes.



IMG_internet mist 1 IMG_internet mist 2 IMG_internet mist 3 IMG_internet mist 4 IMG_internet mist 5 IMG_sea gull grad



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