Its getting nearer to the untitled 2014 exhibition! So I thought I would show-off some of the other photographers that will be exhibiting with me at the gallery. Justyna Baranska will be exhibiting her Margate and Dungeness seascapes during untitled 2014. Justyna is inspired by Turners awe-inspiring large scale paintings. She works with her own emotions and the temperamental conditions of the sea to create beautiful sweeping ( and at times abstract ) images that capture the essence of their location.

Justyna Justyna Baranska, 2014

Zuzana Orgovanova Brings her travel documentary photographs of Bangkok to the gallery. Recently back from travelling Asia, Zuzana illustrates the uncertain future for the children of Bangkok. Following fresh twists in the country’s protracted political crisis, Zuzana uses street photography to capture the mood of the city and the perspective of the children.

ZuzZuzana Orgovanova,2014

Tasha Nichols takes a behind-the-scenes look at the main distribution warehouses of Waitrose. Her fine art documentary style of photography explores consumerism through the use of colour medium format film photography.

TashaUntitled Tasha Nichols



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