Tim Walker Book

Even on Christmas day my camera does not get a rest. But instead of taking the normal christmassy family group shoots , I decided to take random photographs of objects around the house. This year I put tiny little white stars in everyone’s Christmas cards , sort of an annoying thing really as everytime they open the cards, tiny white stars spill all over the carpet ha ha ! However the tiny stars provided me with a nice little still life shot. Candles and fairy lights made great motion shoots , something I have been experimenting with the last year. And finally my Tim Walker book that i asked for . I hinted alot and was glad this came. For those moments when all the family have fallen asleep around the tv , I have my Tim Walker book for company 🙂 … Oh and of course Delia Smith’s cook book , my mum’s secret is out ! IMG_timwalker  IMG_xmaslights  IMG_smith  IMG_littlestar