Out and about

I really need to get out and about more , I seem to be glued to my computer screen, my eyes are starting to take on a square look . Staying indoors is fine in winter months , when its too cold, wet, dark and generally miserable but at the moment there might still be the chance of a little glimpse of sunlight … so i am taking full advantage of it ! I decided to take a look at Bewl water last night , the sun was out ! and a nice little sunset appeared… it was even kinda warm 🙂 . Spending the evening out in the countryside away from my computer made me realise I have to do it more and next time im going to take some mates and insist we make a camp fire and cook marsh mellows over it, its what we do  🙂 … heres to getting out more 😉

IMG_Bewl img_pic1 photo5 img_photo4 img_pic 3 pic2  instagram pics – ra8chelstone    🙂