London Street Photography – Part 1

People are intriguing , our postures, facial expressions, our ability to go into a trance even in the most hectic of places. We are full of habits and emotions . Sometimes busy in our own lives we forget to take a minute to just observe, to study the going-ons around us. I am always surprised when doing street photography by the amount of ‘ walking-by stories’ going on, everyone has their own unique story. I have seen people dancing in the streets! people arguing, throwing stuff at each other in an uncontrolled fit. I am always amused by people falling asleep on the trains in London, particularly people at lunchtime! have they missed their stop? People make me laugh with their loudly spoken ” secret” phone calls , cryptic name-drops and put downs. Whenever I go out their always seems to be an old man or a small group of old men, chilling out watching the world go by, always happy to speak to me and find out what I am up to. The pigeons weave their way around the people, their lives seems so much more simple then ours.

img_lady 1 _MG_5718 _MG_5921 _MG_5952 img_bench break dancer in the rain img_st pauls IMG_3551 IMG_3568 IMG_3589 IMG_3655  IMG_3660IMG_3504IMG_3624 IMG_3651 IMG_3659 IMG_3665 IMG_londonbird IMG_know that feeling IMG_haha IMG_yoga IMG_In a row


Self Portrait

After spending too much time in London museums lately I find myself making this strange comparison, locating a photograph in all my files on my computer is a bit like trying to find a particular specimen at the Natural History Museum, totally time consuming and you always find something else that distracts you. Cant remember what I went looking for on my computer but ended up finding these self portraits, um not sure what I was thinking when I took these? but i think i had watched Inception and was feeling a little inspired by ” dream within a dream ‘ thing ! . Think they were taken a couple of years ago , looking at the colour of my hair, which is now a darker shade of chocolate brown. IMG_1237 copy copy IMG_1290 IMG_1425 (1) IMG_8601 copy IMG_8606

Untitled 2014 – Exhibition at the Menier gallery

River filter cream One of my images from the project Somme. This image remains one of my favourites, but did not make the final cut as its alittle different in tone and style to the others. This is a 35mm film image that I processed and printed myself in the darkroom.


Untitled 2014 Exhibition opens today until saturday .

Untitled 2014 opens today

Untitled 2014 opens today at the Menier gallery nr London Bridge. Details provided for anyone that is interested in coming along. My work is situated on the first floor , titled Somme. Here are a few photographs from the exhibition.

14 exhibiting photographers brought together for one inspiring show!

20th -24th May 2014

The Menier Gallery, London Bridge

Tuesday – Thursday 11.00am – 6.00pm

Private view -Thursday 24th 6.00pm -9.00pm

Friday- 11.00am – 8.00pm

Saturday – 11.00am – 6.00pm

Find us on facebook -2014

tracy Tracy Dudley, 2014

IMG_Rue1 Rachel Stonestreet, 2014

Artists for next weeks Untitled 2014 photography exhibition

Its getting nearer to the Untitled 2014 exhibition! So I thought I would show-off some of the other photographers that will be exhibiting with me at the gallery. Justyna Baranska will be exhibiting her Margate and Dungeness seascapes during untitled 2014. Justyna is inspired by Turners awe-inspiring large scale paintings. she works with her own emotions and the temperamental conditions of the sea to create  beautiful sweeping( and at times abstract )images that capture the essence of their location.

Justyna Justyna Baranska, 2014 .

Zuzana Orgovanova brings her travel documentary photographs of Bangkok to the gallery. Recently back from travelling Asia, Zuzana illustrates the uncertain future for the children of Bangkok. Following fresh twists in the country’s protracted political crisis, Zuzana uses street photography to capture the mood of the city and the perspective of the children.


Zuz Zuzana Orgovanova, 2014




14 photographers are exhibiting together at the Menier Gallery, London Bridge 20th-24th May. Tuesday -Thursday 11.00am – 6.00pm , Friday 11.00am-8.00pm and Saturday 11.00am – 6.00pm .

Untitled 2014 Exhibition

I will be exhibiting along with 13 other contemporary art photographers at The Menier Gallery, London Bridge. The exhibition runs from 20th – 24th May 2014. The gallery is open 11am -6pm tues,wed, thurs and saturday. Friday 11.00am -8.00pm . On a Thursday there is a private view from 6pm til 9pm. For more information find us on facebook . Look forward to seeing people there


Rachel x  IMG_Lake