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Talmont , France

IMG_la photographie pim IMG_4833 img_Talmont meadow IMG_Blue Flower Talmont IMG_French Cowparsley IMG_Grapes TalmontIMG_ButterflyIMG_Pink flower Blue door Tolmont IMG_Signs TalmontIMG_Snail 4788 IMG_Talmont sur Gironde


Lake District – Money growing on trees ?

So while on a walking trip to the Lake District there was one thing that puzzled and fascinated me, money growing on trees !….. Ok, so not really growing off the trees as such but there were coins embedded all over the branches of felled trees. I had my suspicions that these money trees were some kind of local tradition to bring luck or help romance, a bit like tossing a coin in a fountain for good luck or maybe like the phase ‘ touch wood ‘ for luck. However it turns out that people have been leaving coins in trees for years, since the 1700’s. It seems the coins are embedded into the trees to bring luck or to help a sick person, however I did read that if the coin is taken out ( not sure this is possible anyway ) the person will become ill or lose their luck…. think I will just keep that 5p and put it towards a nice chocolate bar … well it is needed after my long walk 😉


IMG_Lake district 4 IMG_lake district 5

Positive thought – Because January can be a little bit depressing at times !

POSITIVE THOUGHT – Because January can be a little bit depressing at times !


Fresh thought for 2015 – All of those difficult experiences, will nearly always add-up to something positive, even though when they are happening it never feels like any positive will come of it.


This is an exercise I have seen in several self-help books and I have found it works for me, so IMG_positivegive it a try. Think of something in the last year that has been tough to experience, then think what you have learnt from it and the positive that has come of the learning process.


My example – I had a small operation that had complications, it was scary at the time and now requires check-ups , which still scares me… but I have learnt that I am more compassionate because of it and the positive is that I am now challenging myself more and finding the time for others when once i was too ‘ busy’ .


Photography by me of course x


Unexplained Halo Photograph? – My images of the landscapes of WW1

I spent the beginning of last year visiting the Somme area of France, the area of France most ravaged by the First World War. This is where the fierce fighting happened, and its not difficult to understand that the landscape is still scarred from the conflict 100 years on. I feel passionate about revealing the consequences and lasting effects of wars, through my photography I hope to explore this, in a contemporary yet sympathetic manner.

I spent the first day of my documentary project in a place called High Woods . It was here that I took many photographs on an 1970’s Nikon camera. The problem was that the back of the camera sprang open while I was photographing! Meaning all my photographs would be ruined by the sunlight. I had come all that way and decided to just carry on. When I got back to England and developed the film I was surprised to see that all the photographs were perfect apart from one. The camera back had opened in full sunlight and in theory the whole film or most of it should be ruined! … but it was not.

However this is not the only unexplained thing to happen. I took a photograph of a farmers field ( near where my camera back stung open ) and when I came to print it a halo was over the field. Who knows what it is or why its there, but for me it reminds me that landscapes have a past. Technical fault or the past trying to reach the present? I know what I believe.

img-halo Photograph of Halo over a field near High Woods, France.

Sneak Peek at my Christmas Cards and How I designed them

Here’s a peek at my Christmas cards that I designed for shops and to be sold on my new ( as of yesterday ) Facebook page .

I created my cards by first hand drawing my little Christmassy characters, then scanning them, then finally photoshoping.

IMG_Card Designs 1