Talmont , France

IMG_la photographie pim IMG_4833 img_Talmont meadow IMG_Blue Flower Talmont IMG_French Cowparsley IMG_Grapes TalmontIMG_ButterflyIMG_Pink flower Blue door Tolmont IMG_Signs TalmontIMG_Snail 4788 IMG_Talmont sur Gironde


Christmas Owls

Another day and another design, Thought I would share this owl design that I have created for my range of christmas cards. I normally have a little story behind each design but for this one I just created it because …well I just like owls 🙂 .

For some reason all the widgets on my blog are playing up ! naughty widgets … but to look at more of my card designs they can be found on my facebook page , which is .


Out and about

I really need to get out and about more , I seem to be glued to my computer screen, my eyes are starting to take on a square look . Staying indoors is fine in winter months , when its too cold, wet, dark and generally miserable but at the moment there might still be the chance of a little glimpse of sunlight … so i am taking full advantage of it ! I decided to take a look at Bewl water last night , the sun was out ! and a nice little sunset appeared… it was even kinda warm 🙂 . Spending the evening out in the countryside away from my computer made me realise I have to do it more and next time im going to take some mates and insist we make a camp fire and cook marsh mellows over it, its what we do  🙂 … heres to getting out more 😉

IMG_Bewl img_pic1 photo5 img_photo4 img_pic 3 pic2  instagram pics – ra8chelstone    🙂


This Image was taken in the harbour of Royan, West coast of France. I loved how the tide went out really far in the mornings, exposing the sandy banks that made mini islands and left small pools of sea water filled with small fish. IMG_Sea scape blog

Untitled 2014 – Exhibition at the Menier gallery

River filter cream One of my images from the project Somme. This image remains one of my favourites, but did not make the final cut as its alittle different in tone and style to the others. This is a 35mm film image that I processed and printed myself in the darkroom.


Untitled 2014 Exhibition opens today until saturday .